We often say that after an accident, a second life starts and you need to learn how to live again. I am Emmanuelle Mörch and mine started in 2008 after a snowboarding accident which left me paraplegic, it was the year of my baccalaureate. My family was an amazing support during that period of time and I managed to find positiveness and energy from that event. A few year after my accident, I joined the engineering school Ecole Centrale Paris and I graduated with my diploma in 2015 while leading a top sport career in wheelchair tennis. I am now number one in France and I played the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Determination - Rigor - Perseverance

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On my way to Paris 2024

After Rio and Tokyo, I aim to play the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. I would then be the first French woman in wheelchair tennis to achieve this performance. To reach my goals, I surrounded myself with a competent team involved in my project. I still need financial and material support because a tennis career is expensive and tournaments price moneys are not sufficient to live from it.

Sans le soutien de ces nombreuses entreprises, et plus particulièrement de l’Oréal, mon aventure dans le tennis fauteuil ne pourrait pas exister. Un grand merci à toutes les personnes qui rendent ce défi possible.